Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Thursday, October 31, 2019

House Concert - Listening Room Network (LRN), St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

There is an organization called the Listening Room Network (LRN) that supports and facilitates the concept of bringing world-class musicians into your home for top-notch live performances in front of an appreciative and attentive small group. 

It turns out that my cousin and her husband are hosts and they had a concert scheduled while I was in town visiting. The musician/artist above is Elizabeth Hareza, (aka Elizabeth Bee) and what a wonderful and evocative performer she is.

There is something so magical and extraordinary about being up close and personal with such beautiful talent and artistry without the distraction of hooting and hollering and other behaviors typical in a bar, club, or concert venue.

Only the sounds of her instruments and voice filled the air.

One may join the LRN as a host, a performer, or a fan.

I am a member as a fan but, after this experience, I will think about maybe becoming a host.

Folks make a voluntary donation that goes to the artist so it's not a commercial venture - just a bunch of folks getting together in a private home. Hmm? I've got room for 15-20 people and a musician or two...........

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Out and About, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog post how folks here are really into Halloween.

This company seems to have been the major supplier for street paving, much of it in the Old Northeast neighborhood.

I can't imagine what caused the waviness on this street but, I like it.

A high-rise condo building in downtown with some fine outside wall art.

I enjoyed a lunch at a great indoor/outdoor/covered patio restaurant spot right down by the marina/waterfront/park area.

A couple of the vegan tapas plates - I thought I was in Spain with the wonderful Spanish background music they had playing on their sound system.

Umbrellas at sidewalk cafes/restaurants on the main promenade along the downtown waterfront.

A downtown avenue as it meets the waterfront. (A very rational road system - avenues run east/west, streets run north/south).

A view out over the bay, more afternoon storms building.

Another of St. Pete's unusual yard birds.

While Florida does have flamingos, these are actually Chilean.

Stunningly beautiful in any case no matter where they're from. Tourists like I am, perhaps?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Wild architecture fits the surreal images and mindset of the artist Salvador Dali. This museum houses the largest collection of his works outside Europe.

One of the Dali pieces of art inside the museum gallery.

The interior stairway.

Just across the street from the museum.

Looking through the wall of masts at the air traffic control tower at the small downtown St. Pete airport next to the Dali Museum. It brought back nice memories - I worked as an air traffic controller in one just like that back in Santa Monica, California in the early 1980's, just beginning my career. Where has the time gone?.......

Monday, October 28, 2019

Wandering - Downtown and Old Northeast Neighborhood, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Yes, more parkland in the downtown area.

An old Banyan tree, next to which the religious folks tended to hang out trying to save souls.

Haute couture in a shop window along the bustling waterfront area.

A downtown marina with the Salvador Dali Museum in the distance peeking through the masts.

A view back towards downtown.

Another of the natives poised for lunch or flight or both.

I guess he didn't like me standing so close.

Away he went.

His steely gray plumage was a perfect match for the steely gray water on this overcast day.

A downtown marina on the bay side.

Another of the locals hanging out.

As a New Englander accustomed to having to bury water pipes at least four feet underground below the freeze layer, I was struck by the blue painted water valve infrastructure accessible above ground everywhere. (If it was reclaimed water, the pipes were painted purple).  I guess you can do that since it almost never gets below freezing here.

Overarching trees cover many of the streets in the Old Northeast.

More Halloweenies.

I saw many houses like this. I would enjoy calling this place home. I probably can't afford it but, I can dream - and it's not for sale anyway. I can see myself sitting in a rocker, pickin' my guitar, and saying hello to passersby on foot in this friendly town.

More Spanish Moss.

Not that anyone asked me but, I think it is a sacrilege to paint a double yellow line on a brick or cobble roadway - just sayin'.

And nearly 15,000 steps later, back to my hotel for some rest and wash-up. Yep, nice place this St. Pete.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Wander About, Old Northeast Neighborhood, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Another early morning out and about to see what's nearby. Typical of Florida, outside areas can look like inside if you have a roof overhead to keep the rain off. The Hollander Hotel, at 4th and 4th on the north side, is my home base on this journey.

It turns out the performing arts venue, Palladium Theatre, is right around the corner. Since 2007, it's been a part of St. Petersburg College; it houses two performance areas - one with 850 seats the other with 175. Other performing arts venues within walking distance near downtown include: the Mahaffey with 2000 seats and, American Stage with 182 seats. There are many other venues that offer live music acts almost daily. Seems like my kind of town.

A walk along the bay through another of the many St. Pete parklands. (The big trucks at left were part of some hoopla the coming weekend that I did not attend).


As I ambled through the Old Northeast neighborhood, I noticed that many folks around here really get into the Halloween spirit.

Brick and block sidewalks - the road is off camera to the left behind the year-around greenery.

Any town that builds a road around a grand old tree in the middle is my kind of place.

And Spanish Moss again, calling to me. Yep, nice place this St. Pete..........I could get used to this.