Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Friday, December 31, 2021

A Snowy Owl, Plymouth Beach, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

At the end of a bone-jarring ride along the rutted, rocky, sandy, 4-wheel-drive only single lane road, one must still walk on foot quite a ways to get to the tip of the Plymouth Beach peninsula. It is out here among the dunes where one might, if one is fortunate, find a Snowy Owl this time of year.

It helps to have a son who is a bird expert and knows where to look.

It's not possible to get close since much of the dune area is fragile and off-limits to humans. And anyway, the Snowy would not tolerate closeness to the humans.

High tech optics and related equipment comes in handy.

And if you have the trained and experienced eye of a skilled birder, you can pick him out perched in the distance within the dunes - watching, waiting, totally aware of the humans intruding into his domain.

He saw and heard our every move long before we saw him.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

"Storm Large," Spire Center for Performing Arts, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

A particularly dynamic entertainer,  Storm Large recently performed at Plymouth's Spire Center for Performing Arts. And yes, that is her real name. Born Susan Storm Large.

She sang, told stories, and played the ukulele and drums.

She often would come down off the stage to sing up close to the audience.

Her two band members were multi-instrumentalists playing piano, guitar, bass, drums - whichever instrument was required for a particular song.

Originally from Southborough, Massachusetts, (about 30 miles west of Boston) some of her hometown fans, friends, and family traveled to the show in Plymouth to see and hear her perform. 

Monday, December 27, 2021

Out and About, White Horse Beach, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

It's cold on this day, I have on my winter coat, a hat with ear flaps, a neck scarf, gloves, and flannel-lined khaki pants. Air temp is high 20's, wind chill is high teens, water temp is 47. One might say it is a living definition of the word "bracing."

Same view, different time - what a difference a tide makes

No one else is out right now except me.

Inland at Tidmarsh, the puddles are frozen in the pathway. 

Saturday, December 25, 2021

"Divas with a Twist," Spire Center for Performing Arts, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

A happy crowd welcomed the favorites, "Divas with a Twist," to the Plymouth Center for Performing Arts for a rousing pre-Christmas performance. A Boston-based band, they have performed in Plymouth many times over the years.

I have thoroughly enjoyed their shows both here at the Spire and in the summertime outside at the waterfront.

They are a powerhouse together as well as each as a soloist.

Their two-set show combined a mix of holiday tunes and their regular rockin' repertoire.

It was a full stage with the five Divas and their five member back-up band. Both the balcony and the main floor were packed with appreciative fans at this sold-out show.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Walk on the Beach, White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

It's not bitter cold yet but, with a strong breeze off the water, it's still cold......

....and beautiful as always.

At low tide - White Horse Beach is near, Priscilla Beach distant. The tiny hazy bump on the far horizon right of center is the Myles Standish Monument State Reservation about 10 miles away in Duxbury.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

"Lunasa," Spire Center for Performing Arts, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

"Lunasa," a traditional Irish band brought their wonderful style of music to the Plymouth Center for Performing Arts for a night of great entertainment.

The man on the left did most of the talking/narrating/storytelling for the group.  He had a voice with enough Irish accent to be clearly Irish but, not so much he was difficult to understand.  It was an uncommon delight to hear him speak.

Another great evening out at Plymouth's Center for Performing Arts.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Out and About, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Nothing like a beautiful cardinal to punctuate the gray of  late fall/early winter.

The sight of shrink-wrapped boats is common around Plymouth. Most bodies of water in the area freeze at some point during the winter so few boats remain afloat.

A wind and storm-driven sky at Tidmarsh Audubon Sanctuary.

This tree was likely as old as I until felled by a recent storm.

Twisted and rotting at Tidmarsh Audubon Sanctuary.

Friday, December 17, 2021

"Edwards Twins," Spire Center for Performing Arts, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

The Edwards Twins, identical twin brothers, brought their show to the Plymouth Center for Performing Arts. A Las Vegas/ Los Angeles-style act, the duo impersonated various performers and they did the actual voices - no lip-sync, no dubbing. Just a few of their character impersonations follow below.....



Barbra Streisand

Andrea Bocelli

It was quite a show!

'Tis the season.

Just down the block from the Spire, Plymouth was mostly quiet on this evening.

Plymouth's Spire Center for Performing Arts in a warmer season.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Long Shadows - Part 2 of 2, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

It was chilly on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall but, folks were out and about. And the late afternoon long shadows were especially delightful to me.

I think this is my favorite from the outing.

Though it's mid-December, there are still a few trees with a few leaves remaining.

The vacuum truck hasn't been through here yet......

.....but it has been here.

With all the leaves off these trees, these classic townhomes are visible and stand timelessly along the length of Commonwealth Avenue.