Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Friday, October 4, 2013

Berkley Beantown Jazz Festival, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A perfect fall day greeted the 13th Annual Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival in Boston. They offered three stages of live music, arts, crafts, a family park - even an instrument petting zoo. All the outdoor performances were free and featured jazz, Latin, blues, and groove acts. Folks were out in force—with attendance in the tens of thousands at its height—to enjoy world-class music on three stages, great eats, and good times stretching six blocks in Boston’s historic South End. Families are entertained with face painting, inflatables, photos, and an instrument petting zoo. More than 70 vendors participate. (Source:

The Berklee City Music All-Stars Big Band Jazz group was the first act at one of three live stages.

This vocalist was part of the Matt Jensen and the Liquid Revolution group. Interesting hair style. Seems that each generation finds a new way to express individuality, often with hair.  In my day, it was long and stringy hippy style.

These looked really yummy but I had to pass since they weren't vegan.

Also yummy but alas, not vegan either. (I did find delicious Indian food that was vegan - a samosa filled with potatoes and peas, rice, and chickpeas in spicy tomato sauce).

This man is the enthusiastic leader of the Bloco Afro Brazil percussion ensemble that paraded down Columbus Avenue to the enjoyment of the crowd.

The Bell Affair featuring Karen Bell was popular on one of the stages on Columbus Avenue.

Here's what the crowd looked like.  The cleared space in front quickly became a dance floor. 

This man danced for quite a while, never once spilling his drinks - and he was a shakin' and a movin'.

The crowd packed the stage in the park to hear and enjoy the Berklee P-Funk Ensemble. Not sure why this youngster was on the wrong side of the crowd fence - maybe a photographer's assistant?

They had some interesting costumes.

And a unique hair color.

I  think this little fellow has had enough jazz for one day - but hanging out on daddy's shoulder is a pretty good place to be, too. There were 15 acts on the three stages - I saw and included only a very few in this blog post.

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