Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Friday, November 16, 2018

Boston - Out and About and Above, Part 8 of 8, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Although I am retired, I still am usually out of bed before the sunrise every day. It's a lifetime habit that is hard to change and frankly, I somehow feel I have a jump on the day by rising early.  A reward for this, our last day in Boston, was this glorious sunrise over the Boston Harbor.

As the day gets going, I was surprised to see the bustling ferry traffic in the Harbor. At right above, two boats have just moored and two more are moving closer to their docks.

A view of the iconic North End neighborhood currently known for its predominately Italian-American culture and heritage. In its distant past, the white steeple to the right of center is the church from which Paul Revere instructed the sexton to hang his famous lantern to signify "the British are coming!" back in 1775.

It's hard to distinguish in the image but, just to the left of the steeple past the harbor is docked the USS Constitution (aka "Old Ironsides"), launched in 1797, it is the world's oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat.

The warm sun makes for a pleasant lunch spot on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Also on the Greenway, these red chairs, free and available to the public, are also popular to catch a few warm rays during lunchtime as the days grow shorter and shorter with the approach of winter.

And speaking of lunchtime, food trucks are popular along and on the Greenway.  I would never have believed one could outfit a truck with a wood-fired pizza oven and make pizzas to order but, here it is!  The South Station subway access is at left, and the South Station train terminal at center.

To end where I began, a final image of the Custom House rotunda, a spot I will always remember for the breathtakingly beautiful acapella music by the Crepusculum Choir from Berklee College of Music. (By the way, "crepusculum" is Latin for "twilight.")

When we travel by car, the tendency is to take too much stuff but, I have never considered or actually brought along my own favorite chair like this fellow traveler did.  Hmmmm?

Good bye, Boston! Thanks for the wonderful memories!

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