Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Post Vaccine Adventure - Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Three weeks after completing the vaccine process, I boarded a hi-speed train in Providence, RI, for a three-hour ride to the recently reopened and refurbished Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station in downtown New York City - my first real outing in 14 months of pandemic living.

It was a perfect spring day, bright sunshine, a light chill in the air - after checking in to my hotel, I made a beeline for the High Line after arrival in Manhattan.

The first time I heard about the High Line I was intrigued. It's an impossibly uplifting and inspiring story of how two regular local men spear-headed an extraordinary grassroots effort to preserve rather than demolish an old abandoned elevated railway and convert it into an urban park. It winds for about a mile and a half through much of Chelsea. Resident New Yorkers and visitors alike, young and old, have taken it to heart since its 2009 opening. It now enjoys extraordinary popularity where all can enjoy nature, art, and design and walk without fear of street traffic since the track floats above the fray on its steel infrastructure. So many people and decisions and contributions had to all come together to make this happen. It was no small feat.

The old tracks are still visible along much of the parkland.

Admission is free, it's open seven days a week with an online reservation system on weekends to prevent over-crowding at peak demand times.

Just people are allowed - no pets. Though it appears "wild" in many places, the plantings are lovingly cared for and curated by people in the know, both professionals and neighbors.

At the northern terminus, (not technically on the High Line), the Vessel is a popular photo and hangout spot though people access is closed right now to the 150-foot tall beehive-looking structure. 

Like so much of New York, the High Line and its features are created on a grand scale fit for the many to enjoy. And I surely do........ah, New York, New York - start spreadin' the news.

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  1. Hey Joe, enjoy your time In NYC. Fact, the Vessel is closed because there were a number of suicides from the top of it, so the city closed it down. Not sure whether they will add to it to stop those who are desperate enough to jump or not. Sad actually, but true.