Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Evolution of an Image, Scituate Lighthouse, Scituate, Massachusetts, USA

I didn't plan to go to Scituate today but, I had a spare hour, I was in the general area, the sky was glorious and I thought that maybe I could find a great image. As I approached the curve of the bay with the lighthouse at the far side of the arc, I knew there was a great image there hiding in plain sight - I just had to find it - the game is on.

My last visit here had been in warm weather and I had lucked out then with the serendipitous appearance of a woman in a colorfull dress to use as a subject. Not so today - it was cold and windy - nobody out and about except me.

This is a good angle but, the shady side is not quite what I had in mind although the red ribbon on the wreath was a welcome subject element.

The sun flare is a nice touch but, still not quite right.

I definitely like this sunny side view better but still, not quite right. The regular houses in the background are not desirable elements to me today.

Even by making the lighthouse whiter and brighter it is still not what I want.

I think I will focus here. This angle view has full light on the lighthouse, is not cluttered with other houses, but at first glance, it is somewhat flat and not strongly interesting.

Stepping back a bit, the flagpole without a flag is not good but I like the extra visual reach uncluttered on that side of the light keeper's house. I think I will try..........

.......bending the horizon with my super-human powers............

......then remove the flagpole and saturate the blue color in the sky a touch more......

....and lastly, add a texture overlay and vignette. Eureka! I like it. Creative photographic mission accomplished - and best of all was being outdoors in the bright sunshine - always a winner in beautiful southeast Massachusetts.


  1. I think making the picture black and white would do it justice. The landscape is so bleak in winter. Making it bleaker would dramatize it.