Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"A Man Called Ove," Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

I came down with a bad cold recently and spent a few days taking it easy at home. Amy gave me a book she had just finished reading titled, "A Man Called Ove," written by a Swedish author named Fredrik Backman (in 2012).

What a wonderful and powerful read it was! If you like an off-beat love story that will make you laugh and cry, often simultaneously, then this book is for you! It is astounding how wise and mature beyond his years the author was when he wrote the story - a man barely in his thirties. To understand some of the nuances of aging and love and loss and weave them together into this story is truly remarkable.

He has written two other best sellers, "My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry" (2013), and "Britt-Marie Was Here" (2014). I plan to read them both soon.

I think all of us have bits of "Ove" within us in various degrees - curmudgeon qualities - some folks, like me - have more than others........I hope you find a copy and enjoy it as much as did I!

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