Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Market Day, Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Time again for our trip to the twice weekly farmer's market here in town. Near as I can tell this farmer and his three associates spend from about 8am until 3pm with a constant line of customers.  I've been by at all times of the day and folks are always there selecting and buying fresh produce.

Their supply truck in the background keeps the popular items replenished throughout the day so whether you arrive early, late, or in between doesn't seem to matter too much.  There is always "good, fresh stuff" on the shelves.

Once you've selected your goods, you take them up to the man at the scale.  He weighs everything and somehow the scale keeps a running balance and at the end, the total pesos due reads out in the scale window. I have no idea what he charged per kilo for each item, whether I overpaid, or underpaid, or paid just right. Although Amy did mention that she observed the eleven avos were 91 pesos total (about $7 USD). Nothing seemed unreasonable from a gringo's perspective accustomed to paying U.S food prices.

We're not real big on buying oranges but other folks certainly are and there were many bins of them - bins of oranges not bins of folks.

This surgically enhanced photo image was meant to emphasize the sun-dappled setting.  I think I overdid it but hopefully you get the idea - it was sun-dappled.

Now back home with our haul for today - the cost was a total of  245 pesos (about $19 USD).  Among the many other food items, you'll note eleven Hass avocados and one gargantuan papaya.  For comparison, just those items alone at home would probably cost more than $25 USD - if you can even find decent ones in a store in New England this time of year.  And these avos were of course perfectly ripe, unbruised, and buttery with a rich flavor seldom experienced in New England.  This walk-to-the-village lifestyle is a pretty nice way to live for a few weeks...........


  1. Green beans at the top. The skinny things bottom right of center are some kind of nut, grain, and sugar concoction.

  2. How do you like retirement in Puerto? What keeps you busy all day?

  3. Marg, I am not retired there. I was just a visitor for a month this past winter. I wrote 23 blog posts during that time so you can see what we did. You can read them all at this link:

  4. Does the market have fresh flowers?

    1. Rachel, I don't recall seeing any last year nor have I seen any this year.