Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

At the end of this Blog, you will learn about an extraordinary secret of the universe that apparently, I may be the very first to unveil here today.  It will alter life on earth as we know it - like Galileo, and Copernicus, and Gutenberg, and Franklin, and Marconi, and Gates, and Jobs - one day, I will be spoken of in the same breath.  But first, let's talk about ANOTHER PERFECT evening in Boston!

Lying on the grass beside the pond in the Boston Public Garden, a young woman enjoys reading a book on this beautiful afternoon.  I'm not sure how this would look if she were holding an electronic reader but ........

Though still strikingly green, the first hints of shorter days and the coolness of Fall to come are starting to appear.

Although Boston automobile drivers are reputed to be among the most aggressive and self-centered anywhere, here is proof otherwise - we are so mellow during the warm summer days that passengers AND drivers (and dogs of course) enjoy parts of their bodies hanging outside the windows in the breeze. I don't know how she operated the gas pedal - the brake pedal is a moot point since Boston drivers never yield to others so operating the brake pedal would be unnecessary. (Rule #1: Never make eye contact with other drivers.  Rule #2: Don't use turn signals- it reveals your intentions to the enemy).

The day draws to a close for commuters on Storrow Drive near the Longfellow Bridge.  The John Hancock building is on the horizon.

Even in the dark, Acorn Street on Beacon Hill is a special place.  Ironic that today it's extraordinarily valuable real estate - but, local folklore says that back in the early 1800's these brick row houses were built by the well-to-do families on the back of their estates to conveniently house their servants and tradespeople.Who'd have thought.......these mostly 2000-3000 square foot homes are now worth plus or minus $2 million bucks according to

Over in the theatre district, the marquee of the 1932 majestic Paramount Theatre glows brightly.  It was rescued from oblivion and restored by Millennium Partners and then later renovated by Emerson College for live performances.

Adjacent to the Paramount on one side and the Opera House on the other, this facade of the former Bijou Theatre features a way-cool light show in its windows. Click to play a glimpse of it.

Of course, the ever present and always active photographers of the Plymouth Digital Photographers (PDP) Club were seen creating more of their striking images through the window of this Charles Street restaurant.  This is the street level kitchen of the restaurant Artu. Imagine the thousands of people that walk by these windows every day and look at the chefs working.  Gives true meaning to transparency.......

Those PDP photographers even kneel in the streets to get the perfect shot. Notice that I'm standing safely on the sidewalk.

And now the big secret is revealed at last!! 

First, if you skipped ahead to learn the secret, you are hereby reprimanded and not eligible to be one of my initial investors in this earth-shaking new technology.  But pictured above here, before your very eyes and captured for all to see, is the method pioneered by Boston to obtain light and power directly from the external  universe.  It has often been said that Boston is the center of the universe and this discovery would seem to validate that. We pull the energy directly from the heavens right into our lighting devices - clean, renewable, unlimited - I'll keep you posted on my upcoming initial public stock offering so you can become a part of this exiting future investment opportunity!

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