White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ocean Drive Street Scenes, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

The prime section of Ocean Drive stretches almost a mile with a succession of open air restaurants all clamoring for your business. They are not bashful as you walk by. They aggressively attempt to entice you with their pleas to sit down and eat.

A just before sunset view from a second story deck on Ocean Drive. This is Lummus Park - basically the front yard for everyone in South Beach. The Atlantic Ocean is visible peeking through the trees.

As evening closed in, the game was on to find a dinner spot. The presence of live acoustic music is usually my first choice.

The Avalon had a wonderful acoustic trio playing by the tables in a prominent spot on the veranda but the menu didn't grab us (nothing wrong with it but, it's not always easy to find vegan selections in much variety at many restaurants).

We preferred the ambiance (more light) and menu at the nearby Majestic.......

....which also had wonderful live music: in this case Tony Cruz. Delightful fingers on the strings.

Ocean Drive seems to be the heart of Miami's South Beach Area. It is all-in-one: the main restaurant area, hotel area, park, beach, promenade, freak show, tourist show, whatever you're looking for it seems to be here. Vibrant and alive.

I like this piece of the world - a lot.  This is my last blog post from South Beach but, stay tuned for more observations around other parts of Miami.


  1. I have never been to any parts of Florida...never wanted too because it's so busy with bustling crowds, or so I thought. You have shown the city and some of what it has to offer, in a different light. Shown what it is like in winter when the bustling crowd who stroll those streets are still at university or various other learning/training institutions. Thank you Joe for taking me/us there in the quieter season.

    Hugs and best to Amy.

    S of The Southern C.

    1. It doesn't seem any more or less crowded than SC for the 15 years I spent there.

  2. LOL...SC crowded for sure. I have lived in SC for nearly 20 years...after the first year…I let the tourist have at it and began to go places away from the beach and downtown areas to places that many tourist while on their vacation walkabouts, don’t know exist.