White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Otavalo, Ecuador

At 15,100 feet MSL, the summit of Volcan Imbabura is often shrouded in cloud.  We were lucky to get a couple days when the summits of both Imbabura and Volcan Cotacachi (16,200 feet MSL) on the opposite side of the valley were visible.  This photo was from the steps of town hall at Parque Bolivar.

Another attempt at the panorama feature.  The town spreads out in the foreground with Volcan Cotacachi in the distance.

This adornment of the streetlamp is one of many different stained glass creations on streetlamps in the downtown area.

As dawn breaks over the town, Volcan Imbabura towers on the horizon. I assure you that this photo in no way captures the majesty and presence that these mountains inspire when standing there in person.

Morning in Otavalo.

At this particular hole-in-the-wall restaurant the cook stands in the doorway, the diners are seated at the tables in the darkness behind her.  The far end of the pan in which the precooked/smoked pig is lying sits on the gas stove and the cook carves off pieces to order and cooks/heats them on the spot. The "plato del dia" today in this instance is pork with some accompaniment such as rice, salad, chochos, toasted corn, and/or grilled bananas/plantains. We didn't eat here since we're vegans but I'd bet the food was outstanding for the meat eaters who did.

Street vendors include wheeled carts or the guy in the background with a bucket of bread on his head for sale.

Few homes and businesses have any heating or cooling systems installed. With this climate who needs it.  But most everyone cooks with propane.  Here's the propane man wheeling his bicycle cart through town dispensing propane refills where needed. Note the little Chevy in the background - lots of them here.

Amidst the explosion of color at the Plaza de Ponchos market area, we braved the aggressive vendors hawking a wide range of beautiful fabrics, hats, jewelry, and other resident necessities or tourist trinkets. 

Amy begins her quest for the perfect winter hat.

Is it this one?

Or this one?

Maybe this one?

Meanwhile, on a side street off the market square we stumbled upon the leadership of the secret cabal of finger puppets. There must have been tens of thousands of these little people waiting to take over the world.  I think their leaders were plotting on how to get out of the storage room and into your homes.  Having no legs and no mobility makes it very difficult for them but, they are wily and clever and will no doubt be seen near you very soon as they advance their world domination scheme.  Amy bought quite a few to help sow the seeds of finger puppet domination in North America.

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