White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
White Horse Beach, Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

I was in Boston recently to visit and experience the Saint Anthony's Religious Festival in the North End (first of two blog posts at this link), and while walking back to my car, I encountered this family making a portrait.

It reminded me that on this spot, until a few years ago, the noisy, frenetic Interstate 93 multi-lane. multi-level highway passed through this downtown area of Boston creating a physical and mental separation between parts of town - not to mention the incredible noise of cars, buses, and trucks scurrying through at high speeds. Now, miles of urban parkland, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, has replaced that highway providing residents and tourists alike with a wonderful open space. The space includes walking paths, art installations, fountains, green grass, live music, pretty much anything one could want in an urban setting, with all the wonders of a world-class city, Boston, beckoning all around it.

But I've gotten ahead of the story.......

In late afternoon when I arrived, the families were still enjoying playing in the fountains.

As a parent, I learned if a child is crabby, put 'em in water. Seems to still work whether they are crabby or not. Kids just love playing in fountains.

Yep, a fountain is a wondrous thing.

On the nearby grassy area, an outstanding band of young people were playing some jazzy/rockin' tunes filling the outdoors with beautiful music.

This woman was a masterful sax player!

And right behind them, the Haymarket Square outdoor market continues brisk business for locals and tourists alike. There has been a market here for centuries - in the heat and humidity of summer and the biting cold in winter - nowadays, it's open on Fridays and Saturdays all year except Christmas and New Year's Days.

For you out-of-country readers, here's a price comparison for some of our fresh vegetables when purchased in an outdoor market setting.

Later, after dark and my time spent joyfully in the North End, I stopped at the carousel to experiment with purposeful motion blur. For a baseline, the carousel was stopped and I made this image at 1/15 second shutter speed with the camera supported on a chair back.

This image was made at 1/5 second shutter speed also propped on a chair back with the carousel turning. I find it interesting to note that the reddish colored doors at the center of the carousel hub are still in focus while the other parts in motion, increasingly distant from the center hub show noticeable blurring.

For the final effort, I used a 1/10 second shutter speed but, handheld the camera and tried to pan at the same speed that the carousel was rotating. It was a good effort but, not so good in execution. The top center is in focus at least. I'll try again next time. Frankly, I was worn out and wanted to get home by this point in time.

This archway is in Christopher Columbus park, immediately adjacent to the Greenway.

When I got back home in Plymouth after the one hour drive, my step counter confirmed what my feet felt - 18,000+ steps for the day in 85-90 degree heat - tired. That's not a complaint about the heat - in January, I'll remember the warmth of this day longingly.........

What a world class city, Boston, I never tire of its wonders!

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